Chatham-Kent Mayor Randy Hope said the possibility of a service expansion by Union Gas could mean an economic benefit of as much as a billion dollars to the community.

In an address at the Chatham and District Chamber of Commerce this morning Mayor Hope said those in agri-business should contact the utility as soon as possible.

“There is a three week window ending May 23 in which people can register an expression of interest with Union Gas,” he said. “If there is enough interest, Union Gas can apply under a provincial program to proceed with the work.”

Hope said expressions of interests aren’t binding but give the utility an idea of whether the project is economically viable and meets provincial standards of need.

Hope said the expansion will carry enough capacity to supply 750 acres of greenhouses or other agri-business use.

“An acre of greenhouses costs a million dollars in construction,” he said. “There are all kinds of additional benefits in terms of jobs. We have a great opportunity here but we must use it or lose it. It’s time to step forward.”

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