Expect the Unexpected

Sign in Downtown Chatham
Girl at fruit stand in Chatham-Kent

Opportunity is Waiting in Chatham-Kent

Home to sleepy, tree-lined streets and a simple, small-town charm, it’s true that Chatham-Kent doesn’t have all the glitz and glam of some neighbouring municipalities. So if it’s big city bustle you’re after, keep on driving. For those of you who think success is synonymous with a Bay Street address, or that innovation can only flourish in a cramped cubicle, it’s probably best that you don’t waste your time in our modest little towns. But if you’re looking for something more, something genuine, something strong, stick around for a day or two. You might be surprised by what you find hidden beneath Chatham-Kent’s unassuming surface.

A blend of communities – 25 to be exact (and that includes two First Nation territories), Chatham-Kent offers a landscape that’s rich in both resources and local culture. From historically significant sites, to multi-million dollar facilities, Chatham-Kent manages to marry the past with the present in a way that provides unparalleled opportunities for the future. Just ask any one of the multi-national organizations that call our shores home:

  • Bio: Greenfield Global
  • Energy: Union Gas, Siemens, Pattern Energy, Kruger Energy
  • Heavy Industry: Accurcast Inc., Wabtec Foundry
  • Oil & Gas: Rulmeca Canada, Carber
  • Food Processing: Barry Callebault Canada, ConAgra Foods
  • Automotive: MSSC, KSR International, Autoliv Canada Inc., Continental AG, Mahle, MartinRea
  • Agriculture Innovators: Thompsons Limited, Dupont Pioneer, Dow Seeds, South West Ag Partners Inc.
Picture of Downtown Chatham-Kent

The Best Home for Your Business

From food processing to farming, alternative energy to advanced manufacturing, Chatham-Kent offers investors a gateway to some of North America’s most lucrative markets. Just an hour away from three U.S. border crossings and three international airports, Chatham-Kent is an ideal location for companies looking to make smart and effective growth investments. Whether you’re developing computer chips or potato chips, Chatham-Kent has all the human and natural resources you need to start, build, or expand your business. Conveniently located close to Detroit, the Golden Horseshoe, and the Greater Toronto Area, Chatham-Kent offers prime relocation and recruitment opportunities for scaling enterprises from around the world.

Partnerships for Business Attraction

Now granted, Chatham-Kent might not look like a metropolitan destination. There are no subways or streetcars, no sky-high office towers or micro-sized condominiums. In Chatham-Kent, we’ve replaced air pollution with wind farms, and our traffic congestion is more likely to be caused by duck crossings than rush hour. And that’s exactly the way we like it.

We’re proud of our forward-thinking community; we’d much rather be humble than hectic, friendly rather than frenzied. Whether it’s fostering public-private partnerships to help grow existing businesses or attracting new investment to the area to drive market expansion, our economic development team is focused on driving prosperity wherever and whenever possible. Have a question about technology implementation or need help with productivity improvements? Our team of economic ambassadors are here to assist you every step of the way.

Ready to learn more about Chatham-Kent? Then let us show you how we’re successfully cultivating business, shore to shore.