Welcome to Chatham-Kent, Ontario

Mayor Randy HopeIn Chatham-Kent, we are truly “Cultivating Growth, Shore to Shore,” as our community motto reflects. Our governing priorities are people, health, job creation and financial sustainability.

We welcome everyone who wants to build Chatham-Kent with us – partners, investors, and newcomers of all kinds.
Chatham-Kent offers a an active, safe and accessible community. We work to attract and retain residents with a focus on young entrepreneurs, immigrants and active retirees. We support opportunities for people to connect through community causes, culture, arts, sports and recreation. Our unique rural and urban local communities are all near water and green, natural areas. They offer a great quality of life.

Our economy is diverse. In Chatham-Kent, we live on some of the most fertile land in Canada and have a progressive agriculture industry. The skills and knowledge of our farmers and agricultural technicians are globally respected. At the same time, skilled professionals and tradespeople eagerly pursue new opportunities in agribusiness, food processing, green energy, advanced manufacturing and knowledge-based industries.

We actively assist new companies in setting up operations in Chatham-Kent. Foreign direct investment is important to our economic growth, and a dozen new ventures have been established over the past couple of years. In that same period, local companies have invested many millions of dollars in manufacturing, technology and agri-business expansion, and more than 150 new small businesses have opened their doors.

Our community constantly engages its citizens, businesses, community groups and professional associations in promoting Chatham-Kent. The CK Community Brand is known across North America, Europe and Asia. Our citizens, businesses and organizations work together to show the world all that Chatham-Kent has to offer.

Now, we invite you to work with us, live with us, and play with us.

Welcome home – to Chatham-Kent!



Randy Hope, Mayor/CEO
Municipality of Chatham-Kent