Why Canada?

Why not?

When it comes to economic stability and exceptional lifestyle options, Canada has long topped polls and studies ranking the best places in the world to live and work.

One of the most welcoming and profitable places in the world for global business organizations, Canada provides foreign companies with a dynamic and progressive place to put down international roots.

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Why Ontario?

As one of Canada’s most prosperous provinces—nearly 40 percent of Canada’s total economic output—Ontario offers investors one of the nation’s most flourishing and diverse business climates. From information and communication technology to automotive and biofuels, Ontario remains one of the fastest-growing regions in North America and the advanced industrial world.

Need more convincing? Here are five reasons to consider our beautiful province as part of your global expansion efforts:

  1. A stable, pro-business economy
    Canada’s banks have been ranked the world’s best by the World Economic Forum for eight years running (2008-2015).
  2. Affordable business taxes
    According to a report from KPMG, Canada has the lowest total business tax costs in the G-7. Our business taxes are roughly 46% lower than those of the United States.
  3. A highly educated workforce
    Canada’s workforce is the most highly educated among members of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. Close to half of the nation’s working-age population has a tertiary level education. See how Chatham-Kent’s workforce training and education services can help benefit your business efforts.
  4. Competitive R&D
    Ontario offers extremely favorable R&D tax credits and incentives thanks to innovation-supporting policies, transparent government-procurement practices, and an open approach to high-skills immigration.
  5. An open, inviting and safe place to live
    Ontario cities, like the ones right here in Chatham-Kent, have tolerant neighbourhoods, beautiful parks and green spaces, excellent public and private educational institutions and low crime rates.
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What Are You Waiting for?

The best part about these benefits? They’re all waiting for you in beautiful Chatham-Kent. From taxes and incentives to logistical connectivity and site availability, the community of Chatham-Kent has all the resources you need to reap the rewards of doing business in Ontario and Canada.

For more information on the competitive advantages you can enjoy doing business in Canada, please visit the Government of Canada’s Invest in Canada online resource. Additional information on Ontario’s economy and investment benefits can be found on the Invest in Ontario website.