Site Availability

Finding the perfect site for any business undertaking takes plenty of patience, research, and consideration, regardless of where you’re planning to put down roots. But what if there was a way to save you tons of time, effort and expense when searching for a property? What if you could find investment-ready land along the NAFTA Super Highway (401), complete with fully-serviced buildings, and built atop modern infrastructure? Oh, and what if all of that came with no industrial development charges?

In Chatham-Kent, you can!

It’s true, Chatham-Kent is a lucrative location for new investment and industrial expansion. Properties include vacant building that are available for immediate occupancy, a wide range of “Renovate to Suit” options—many of which are priced below the provincial average—and prime retail storefronts.

Commercial Buildings in Chatham-kent

Some of the area’s best real estate options include:

    1. Brownfield sites – These sites feature quality buildings suitable for varied operations. Sites are available to expand, re-size, and be opened on an expedited timetable. Tell us what you need and our dedicated account mangers will help you find it!
    2. Greenfield sites – These properties are investment-ready. Affordable municipal business parks and privately held lands are available and suitable for large or small enterprises. Chatham-Kent has three fully-serviced municipal greenfield properties with immediate availability:

Why Select a Site in Chatham-Kent?

Chatham-Kent’s industrial and commercial real estate offers:

  • Low occupancy and construction costs compared to U.S. and large-market Canadian communities.
  • Easy access to critical transportation infrastructure, including railways, international highways, lake ports, ferries and airports.
  • Close proximity to seven U.S. border entry points via rail, road and water.

Start your property search today:

brownfield sites in Chatham-Kent

Contact us directly and we can provide you with the most relevant availability options possible.